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Why use Portable Urban Transport ?

"Convenient & Faster Way to Commute"

Dear Commuter;

We understand the frustrations commuters in dense urban areas face such as :

  • High cost of owning a car.

  • Getting squeezed in a public bus.

  • Waiting for public bus that is always packed.

And you know these problem make you :

  • waste 10 to 20 minutes of your time, waiting for bus.
  • late for work if you miss a bus.
  • wake up early to take a bus or walk to train station.

Portable Urban Transports Will Solve This Problems    

Urbanwheel specialize in Portable Urban Transports that are portable, lightweight & compact.

It will take you anywhere you need.

Just Imagine Being Able To:

Travel with EASE

NO high COST of owing a vehicles

NO more getting SQUEEZED in a bus

NO more WAITING for public bus that always PACK

NO more WORRIES, how and where to PARK your car

And Not Only That, our products are proven to be:

  • Solution for door to door transportation.
  • Parking does not become an issue at all.
  • Time is saved on traveling.
  • Faster to reach destination.
  • It is so portable and compact,that you can bring it anywhere you go.

Urbanwheel Portable Urban Transports Helps You Commute conveniently and effortlessly... Guaranteed!

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Our products has been carefully chosen for its technological advances in electronic components, innovation, ergonomics, portability, quality and reliability.


"E-2 electric scooter is the perfect solution to my last mile problems. For few years I’ve been taking bus to ‘the tube’. By using electric scooter, I can conveniently travel to ‘the tube’ and to my office".

Keith Haydon - London, United Kingdom

"The Portability of the Coolwheel Electric Unicycle is really convenient and is not matched by any other means of transportation that I know of. It has all the three features that I look for when I go to work: Portability, Lightweight and Convenient. Took me 1 day to learn riding it. The electric unicycle was really exciting and fun".

Andrei Martin - Toronto, Canada

"I have been using my E2 portable electric scooter for several weeks now,
it’s so lightweight, portable and easy to maneuver. It has made my commute so simple and the regenerative braking means I don't have to worry about charging it all the time".

Karen Leone - California, USA

"I love the Self-Balancing Scooter. I need to walk between two offices at work and I now I can just ride my Self-Balancing Scooter. I love that it's so portable, it's easy for me to carry with me when I get to work. It's lightweight, easy to learn, and really fun to ride. The battery lasts for a long time and I can go very far with it. Highly recommended".

Ally Chan - Singapore

Click Here To Get It Now - We Are Sure To Solve Your Commuting Problem!

All urbanwheel products comes with a warranty

All urbanwheel products comes with a limited warranty on the electrical components which are the motor, display unit, controller and battery. We have a very experienced engineering team who do the in-house servicing and repairing. We have all parts in hand, any repairs works should not take more than a week. We understand that our customers are looking for a peace of mind when purchasing our product.

Guaranteed To Be Reliable

Your Urbanwheel product will be rushed to you in a discrete plain package by either FedEx, DHL, UPS or Singapore Post, which ever the most convenient .

Thousands of people in the cities are already benefiting from our products. Now it's your turn..... You've got noting to lose!

Buy now to Solve ALL Your Commuting Problems.

Click Here To Get It Now - We Are Sure To Solve Your Commuting Problem!

Frequently Asked Question

Why don't use bicycle? Its cheaper than electric scooter, electric unicycle and Hoverwheel.

Bicycle is bulky. Not allowed in bus and train.

For many reasons! Some people use them to commute, as an alternative to a car or public transportation. "Then why not use a regular bike?", you ask? Well, not everyone wants to get to work dripping in sweat, and other people travel distances that are unrealistic to travel by bike without assistance. Have you ever tried to get a bicycle in a lift or store it in a city apartment? Some people use electric bikes because they live in areas that are particularly hilly, making regular biking a bit too strenuous. Electric bikes too are bulky. It will end up park outside the apartment or office.Exposed to sunlight and rain. And also risk of getting stolen and vandalism.

With Urbanwheel products, you never be sweating to work and not worrying your bicycle being stolen and vandalism.

Can I ride it to work?

Yes you can! After you have learn to ride. You could easily carry it or pull it with you, and as it’s so portable you can always get it into buses\trains\subways\tube\MRT\LRT\cars so you could ride it straight to your destination if it’s not too far or use public transportation and shorten your walks in between.

Why should I buy from Urbanwheel ?

Urbanwheel has the reliable portable electrical vehicles with high quality,competitive price and excellent after-sell service.

Is safe to do business with you?

Yes, we are a young and reliable team,our aim is to offer you the newest portable electric vehicles with the best quality and best price.

How do I make payment ?

We accept PayPal and Credit Card via PayPal as the payment methods.

Why use PayPal for payment?

PayPal is a safer, easier way to pay. You can use your credit card or bank account without exposing your account numbers. You can link your credit card or bank account to your PayPal account so you don't have to enter your card number or address anywhere you shop. Just log in to PayPal and quickly check out by a few clicks.

If an eligible item doesn’t arrive or wasn’t what you expected, you shouldn’t have to pay for it. With PayPal Buyer Protection, they will help resolve issues involving eligible purchases. Shopping made easier.

What is PayPal Credit ?

PayPal Credit is a line of credit that gives you the flexibility to pay for your purchase now, or pay over time. It’s easy to apply and easy to use.

With PayPal Credit financing offers, you get the flexibility to pay in full or spread out your payments over time with no interest. Interest Free if pay within 6 months [U.S customer only]. Click the banner below for more info.