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SML 140 Electric Unicycle Specification

SML self-balancing electric unicycle has precise control of the angle

Controller at the top, more precise control of the angle

Convenient to move around

Easy to Park

Comfortable, Stable and Secure Pedal

Power Indicator

User Friendly Design


Motor Power: 350W

Battery: 193WH

Charging Time: 2.5 hrs

Availability charging times: 1000 times

Max Speed: 18 km/hr // 11.2 miles/hr

Max Mileage: 20 km / 12.4 miles

Max Load: 120 kg / 265 lbs

Max Climb Angle: 16 degree

Use Temperature:  -10 to 40 Celsius / 14 to 104 Fahrenheit

Size ( Handlebar Retracted): 514x395x173 mm / 20.2x15.6x6.8 inches

Size ( Handlebar Pull out): 977x395x173mm / 38.5x15.6x6.8 inches

Wheel Size: 356mm / 14inch

Net Weight: 11.9kg / 26.2 lbs

Pedal distance from the ground: 106mm / 4.2 inches

Charger Rating: AC 110 - 240 V, 50-60 Hz

Body material: ABS + PC

Handle material: Aluminium Alloy

Product Structure

How To Use

Preparation before driving

1) The learning place.Please choose a big area and a smooth place with few people as a place to practice. Such as basketball court, park and etc.

2) Checking. Please check the condition of the scooter before
driving. First, ensure the tire and body is not attach to anything before switch on the powered.
    Second, push the handle button and pull out the handle ,then shake the
scooter to make sure there is no sound of loose parts.
    Third, please check whether the
tire pressure is normal. Finally, please check the battery display and make sure the battery full.

3) Protective gear. For new Adult rider,we suggest you to wear the helmets,
knee pads, elbows pads and wrist pads in case of accidents. For children less than 15 years old,please learn and use it under the assistant of adults.

How to ride?

Use training wheel to assist riding.

Refer to below picture to attach training wheels.

Press the handle button, then pull out the handle. Please hold the handle with one hand, and keep the scooter body in vertical direction. Then press the on/off button you will hear a sound and the unicycle is ready to use.

(1) Hold the handle and keep your feet on both sides of the unicycle. (2) Put one foot on the pedal and the other on the ground. (3) Stand up straight and put the other foot on the pedal. Keep your sight forward.

Lean your body forward and backward slightly the unicycle will move forward and backward together with your body. Try to keep in your body in upright position. Repeat until you find the special riding feeling.   REMEMBER: Do not lift the Unicycle off the ground when it is turned on.

Intermediate Teaching(Without training wheel)

(1) Bring down the pedals. (2) Press the handle button and pull out the handle bar. Keep the scooter body in vertical direction, then press the on/off button.

(1) Hold on the handle. (2) Put one foot on the pedal to sense the balance. (3) Use the other foot to push the unicycle forward and keep your body in vertical position. (4) When moving forward, place the other foot on the pedal and try to balance. Lean your body forward, the unicycle will go forward.

Riding forward with one foot. Then put another foot on the pedal and you can find a forward driving inertia. You can control your body balance through your left and right foot.

You can learn to turn left and right after you have learn to ride forward and backward. If you know how to ride forward and backward skillfully then turning would be easy for you. Keep your body upright when turning, and use your foot to control the unicycle inclining angle.

Learning Tips

        Remember to keep your body relaxed and stand naturally.

        Avoid riding across steep slopes.

        Lean forward when riding across gentle slopes.

        Avoid turning on slopes or ramps.

        Stay centered on narrow sidewalks or elevated paths.

        Practice controlled stopping.

        For small radius turns, use your lower legs to make the unicycle lean more.

Battery display and alarm

1)The alarm sound three times and the battery show “PS” when pressed the on/off button. It means the unicycle is in USB power supplying mode.(picture 1) The alarm sound one time when trying to pull the unicycle in upright slightly, it means the unicycle leave the power supplying mode(picture 2) and go into the riding mode.(picture 3)
2)When power less than 15%, you can hear continues alarm,it means the unicycle is lack of power, please charge as soon as possible.
3)When the scooter is lack of power, it will show “LP”,and the unicycle will be in safety mode. Please stop to ride the scooter, and charge it.
We do not suggest the customer to ride when the power is less than 30%.
4)When the tilt angle is more than 45 degree, it will alarm.


1) Battery : In order to save the battery lifetime, please charge the scooter in time when lack of power.(If you do not use for a long time, please charge the unicycle at least once a month), If you need to check and replace the battery, please buy the original and consult the seller.  The best battery storage temperature is 15-30 celsius, do not use and place the unicycle when the environmental temperature is over 40 Celsius, it will damaged the battery.
2) Tire Protectors: In order to keep the tire lifetime, please check the tire pressure is normal regularly(our suggested pressure is 180-260Kpa, it is decided by the rider’s weight); if the tire pressure is abnormal ,please repair or change it.
3) Cover protectors: Please use the water or mild detergent to scrub it.

IMPORTANT: The top speed of the SML-140 is 11.2 miles per hour (18 kilometer per hour). When you approach the maximum speed, the SML-140 will try to prevent you from accelerating further. It will move forward beneath you in order to shift your weight backward. You may feel that you are being 'pushed' back or that you cannot make it go any faster. Do not continue leaning or bending forward to try and increase your speed or you will fall. Beyond the speed limit, the motor does not have enough power to catch you. Lean back and slow down.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does it work?

The electric self-balancing unicycle has a gyro sensors and a balancing computerized system like a Segway. To turn it 'on' just  press the 'ON' button, and after you press it you will see how it suddenly becomes more stabilized. This system will help you learn how to get balanced more easily.


Is it easy to ride?

It takes about 15-50 min to learn the basic skills. We recommend, for the first time enlist the help of one of your friends.  Let him\her be with you when you get up and hold him\her during your initial learning rides.


How far and how fast can I ride the SML-140 Electric Unicycle?  

It can travel up to 20km / 12.4 miles and the maximum speed is 18km/h  / 11.2miles/h

What kind of battery is in the SML-140 Electric Unicycle? 

A rechargeable lithium battery with a lifespan of more than 1,000 cycles.  


Can the battery be replaced?

Yes it can be replaced. As with most Electric Unicycle parts, contact us for more information on this.


Does electric unicycle products come with a warranty?

Yes. Urbanwheel product comes with a 1 year limited warranty on the electrical components which are the motor, display unit and controller. Battery warranty is 12 months. We have a very experienced engineering team who do the in-house servicing and repairing. We have all parts in hand, any repairs work should not take more than a week. Normal wear and tear, damages caused by abuse, accident or lack of reasonable care, non-observance of the instructions for use, poor maintenance, and modification of the product are not covered under the warranty."


How safe is it?

As with any transportation device, riders must take proper safety precautions. When ridden properly, the electric unicycle is a fun and safe way to commute. All riders should use protective gear, such as helmet, knee pad  and wrist pad. Always ride at a speed that is safe for you and those around you. Please consult the manual for additional safety information.


Is it legal in my country?

We recommend all consumers to check the rules and regulations of transportation devices of their country. For more detailed information please check with your local government transportation department.


Is there a weight limitation?

The maximum capacity is 265 lbs- 120kg


Any tips before I start riding?

Don’t rush into ridding the electric unicycle and get on by yourself - leave that for the second day. On your first day just take one of your friends and hold them while you getting up. After you’re standing on the electric unicycle whilst holding on your friend, straighten your body and your shoulders, then lean forward with all of your body (not just with your head). Don’t lean an extravagant amount, and always start riding gradually. The electric unicycle has an over speed protection for your safety.