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ETWOW Electric Scooter
ETWOW Electric Scooter

ETWOW Electric Scooter

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Part Number:ETWOW V2
  • Regenerative Braking:Front engine brake and rear manual brake. Equipped with the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) The regenerative brakes recover kinetic energy while braking to recharge the battery.
  • Shock absorber, Suspension - anti-noise system:Be assured of a smooth and comfortable ride because of a spring shock absorber located under the platform and suspension on the front wheel. Shock absorber is linked to the wheel and is designed to absorb vibrations from rough road and to reduce the noise from friction.
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The easiest way to commute. Lightweight, compact and portable.

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E-TWOW electric scooter is one of the lightest electric scooter in the world. This unique electric kick scooter has an energy consumption of only 6.15Wh/km (with the led lights turned on) at 20km/h speed, wind less than 10km/h and a load of 75kg. For example the license plate light bulbs in a regular car consume 6W/h.

E-TWOW is the first electric portable scooter to be developed using the KERS technology (KINETIC ENERGY SYSTEM RECOVER) and the first to implement MAGNETIC BRAKING SYSTEM. Changing the transportation and the perception of what a vehicle can be, that's the goal of ETWOW scooter. The development of ETWOW electric scooter is based on 3 areas. Comfort, Safety and Performance.

It's your ideal portable urban transport for commuting in urban areas. Light, compact and portable.

Technical Specifications


190Wh LI-PO battery (ECO)
250Wh LI-PO battery (MASTER)


250W 24V DC Brushless Motor (ECO)
800r/min Max Rotational Speed
13.3N.m Max output torque


30KM / 18.6 miles (ECO)

40KM / 24.9 miles (MASTER)

(Influenced by the riding conditions such as weight, wind, road surface)

Max Speed:

27km/h / / 16.7miles/h (ECO)

28km/h / / 16.7miles/h (MASTER)

Charging :
less than 2.5 Hours, Input Voltage: 100V to 240V, 50/60Hz

Unfolding Size:
940 x 350 x 1160 mm/ 37 x 13.8 x 45.67 Inch

Folding Size:
940 x 350 x 300 mm/ 37 x 13.8 x 11.81 Inch

10.50 KG/ 23.15 Ib

10.7Kg/23.6Ib (MASTER)

200mm (8") airless wheels, Front rubberised, Rear PU

Smart Display:
Percent of Battery life, Speed, mileage, electric horn, 6 Photosensitive LED light


metallic white, metallic black

Regenerative braking on both front and rear wheel plus friction brake on the rear wheel

Front and back for shock absorption

Aluminium alloy + 3 layer powder coated

Folding Function:
Height Adjustable, Handlebar Folding, Unfolding, and handlebar hook locked

LED Light:
6 Photosensitive LED light, CPU controlled by the battery voltage

Horn alert function:
Piezo ceramic horn


UBHI function:
throttle control, braking control, display, light, horn

Speed control:
On the right side of UBHI the acceleration by thumb

Break control:
On the left side of UBHI the brake by thumb

Technology inside:
KERS (kinetic energy recover system), Regenerative Braking system, Magnetic Brake

Cruise Control Function:
Press the acceleration right thumb and keep the same speed for 5 seconds and the cruise control will automatically start

Zero Start Function:

For safety reasons, when you want to ride the scooter, you should use your foot to slide it for a little distance, then press the right thumb accelerator and the scooter will go ahead

Max Loading Capacity:
110.00 KG/242.5Ib

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the rider weight limit for E-TWOW electric scooter?

E-TWOW e-scooter safe maximum weight for a rider is up to 110 kg/242.5lb

Does electric scooter come with a warranty?

Yes. Urbanwheel products comes with a 1 year limited warranty on the electrical components which are the motor, display unit and controller. Battery warranty is 6 months. We have a very experienced engineering team who do the in-house servicing and repairing. We have all parts in hand, any repairs work should not take more than a week. Normal wear and tear, damages caused by abuse, accident or lack of reasonable care, non-observance of the instructions for use, poor maintenance, and modification of the product are not covered under the warranty.

Within warranty period, buyer inform us the faulty parts with video or picture and Urbanwheel will ship the faulty parts for free. We will provide instruction on how to replace the faulty parts. Or buyer can send the faulty products back to our factory for free repair but it must meet the following condition: buyer pays shipping cost to factory and we pay the return cost.

Can the E-TWOW electric scooter climb slopes?

E-twow e-scooter able to go up the slopes up to 15-20 degress. Speed will be slowed down, when going up the slope.

Can E-TWOW e-scooter be used in rain?

All E-TWOW e-scooter electrical parts are specially sealed for waterproofing. As long as they are not tampered with, rainwater will not enter. Not advisable to be use during heavy rain.However, do ride slow and be careful when it's raining.

Why don't use bicycle? Its cheaper than e-scooter

Bicycle is bulky. You can't bring it in bus and train. For many reasons. Some people use them to commute, as an alternative to a car or public transportation. Well, not everyone wants to get to work dripping in sweat, and other people travel distances that are unrealistic to travel by bike without assistance. Some people use electric bikes, it is still bulky and heavy.

Are e-scooters legal?

The use of e-scooters is legal but their use is typically restricted to certain areas. Do check with your local authorities with regards to the allowable areas for the use of e-scooters. Customers are encouraged to comply with the local Road Traffic Act while riding e-scooters. Use of helmets and headlights 'On' while riding is strongly encouraged.

What is the maximum distance I can travel with a full charge?

For ECO distance travel up to 30KM / 18.6 miles. The distance travel is influenced by the riding conditions such as weight, wind, road surface

For MASTER distance travel up to 40KM / 24.9 miles. The distance travel is influenced by the riding conditions such as weight, wind, road surface

When do I need to change the battery?

The lithium battery provided can be recharged at least 500 times. Under normal usage it can reach more than 1,000 recharges.

In the case of a battery issue, can we easily remove it and install a new battery?

The battery is replaceable by the user - with tools (please use only original battery provided by Urbanwheel). It's located inside the standing board and sealed securely. We designed it this way so that it's theft resistant and water resistant.

How to pass bumpers or go through the edge of the sidewalks?

The E-twow electric scooter easily overcomes small obstacles up to 4cm height and descends from obstacles up to 10cm height.

Is it safe to ride this type of scooter?

1. The product is for adults only (over 18 years old), limited for one adult, please do not carry two adults at the same time. Is not suitable for minors.

2. Please wear your safety helmet and other protective equipment when riding.

3. Do not ride in traffic lane or unsafe roads and do not break local regulations.

4. Please use in wide areas, and ride after skilled manipulation, do not ride in traffic lane.

5. Do not make any dangerous actions when riding or riding with one hand. Keep your feet on the scooter.

6. Do not use scooter when the temperature is lower than 0 ºC.

7. Please slow down or get off when riding in rough or poor road conditions.

8. Do not ride the scooter in oily or icy surface terrain.

9. Please adjust the height of handlebar according to your height or to ensure a safety riding.

10. Do not immerse the scooter in the water with the depth of 3 cm or spray it directly with water to avoid damage of the electrical parts of the vehicle.

11. Please try to avoid riding in bad weather such as heavy rain and high winds to protect it and yourself.

The manufacturer or reseller is not liable for incidental or consequential loss or damage due directly or indirectly to the use of this product.

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